Our Little Geniuses

Watch our little geniuses in action. Please scroll through the student gallery, and watch their videos as they show off their incredible math skills.

Triple digits 10 sets

Andre , 10 years old

Triple digits 10 sets

Aiden , 10 years old

10 double digit numbers

Julian , 10 years old

Flash Anzan


Listening Anzan






Flash Anzan

Samiksha , 10 years old

Shlock Multiplication Anzan (mental)

Shlok , 6 years old

Saithanvi Division Anzan (Mental)

Saithanvi , 8 years old

Listening anzan 4 1/2 yrs old.

Samy , 4 years old

Multiplication Anzan (Mental Multiplication)

Anwita , 7 years old

Other videos

Interesting videos on Soroban Abacus mental math training.

Flash Anzan
All in the Mind
Research Info
Flash Anzan
Multiplication Magic Fingers