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Results you can count on! Our interactive online classes are engaging and fun. We have found the perfect combination between abacus math and play. Our qualified abacus sensei (teachers) combined with our curriculum, laced with our badges, rewards, and interactive platform makes for the first, fun-filled, engaging, abacus program in the world.

Online Classes

Anson 1st grade , 6 years old


Gyanesh 3rd grade , 10 years old

The BEST online abacus tutoring world-wide!


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire!

William Butler Yeats

Abacus Mental Math offers parents the benefits of abacus math, drizzled with excitement and incentives so children want to learn.

Beginning with our sensei (teachers) and extending to our web-based practice portals and curriculum, Abacus Mental Math is where you get it all: quality, results, support and fun! Children learn best with play. We have taken the lead in changing the way abacus math is taught and learned by playing by their rules... ADDING FUN!


Qualified, experienced, and committed semi-private tutors.

Unique and interactive online classes. Our true-blue sensei (teachers) are trained and committed to your child's progress. Your child's success is our success!

Teaching is an art!

Our caring sensei (teachers) are outrageously devoted to your child's journey so your child can stand tall and proud on the shoulders of the math giant.



Weekly semi-private lessons. Kids learn best with a focused sensei ( teacher). Abacus Mental Math is the perfect fit if your child needs a sensei (teacher) that can give them her attention.

Videos and book instructions integrated into the lesson plan to reinforce training at home.

Regular course or intensive-accelerated course options at no additional cost.

Beat traffic! Your child can attend regular sessions from the comfort of your home.

Online competitions. Rewards and prizes for winners.

Battle arena. Live one-on-one battle with opponents.

Reviews of our children

What parents have to say about Abacus Mental Math


Grade 1st and 4th

My two kids (9 and 5) have been students for more than a year. I can clearly see the progress in them...My girls love going to this class. I would recommend Abacus Mental Math... to every parent who cares about quality of instruction.


Grade 4

My son has been learning mental math for almost 2 years now and I am amazed to see his progress over the months in mastering the content... If you are looking for a quality tutor for mental math, look no further!


Grade 1

The program helps her to stay focus and clearly improve her experience and confidence at regular school. It is fun to practice abacus activities with her regularly and see her cognitive skills grow.


Grade 1

We started last year. My daughter is 5 and she could barely add single digit number and now with abacus training she can mentally add 3 double digit numbers which is a huge progress form when she started.


Grade 4

...the skills that he has learned is unbelievable. He faster than a calculator. Highly recommend!


Grade 3rd

My daughter started taking abacus when she turned 5. She is a 3rd grade now and math at school is walk in the park


Grade 1st

Now my 6 year old daughter loves math...You will not regret the feeling of empowerment that your child or children will gain.


Grade 5 have helped my boys achieve their goals to a better learning in school. The program Abacus Mental Math is more than we expected because is helping them in all other classes.


Grade 4th

We were originally reluctant to have our kids join Abacus are totally in love with the whole idea.