Soroban Abacus

November 12, 1946:

Soroban beats the calculator 4 out of 5 rounds!
Stars and Stripes newspaper: "The abacus victory was decisive" it was a moment in which "the machine age took a step backward..."
Fast forward to 2021, and Soroban continues to beat the calculator.

History of the Japanese Soroban abacus.

Abacus, the original ancient counting tool, dates back to Greek and Roman times, evolving throughout different civilizations. 
The Chinese abacus (2-top beads and 5-lower beads) was introduced to Japan in the 16th century, where it became the tool of choice for trade merchants. During the 1930s, the Japanese adapted the Chinese abacus and named it, Soroban. The Soroban (1-top bead and 4-lower beads) Is the only abacus used to visualize the beads to calculate mentally. In the hands or mind of a skilled user, it can still beat a calculator.

A most powerful tool tested against time & science.

Originating in Japan and now used worldwide, the Soroban abacus is the most effective and most powerful tool for teaching children math, more so, mental math. Once the eyes are exposed long enough, through use, to the Soroban, you no longer need the soroban or a calculator to do the math.

True virtual reality in 2020.

Children that use the abacus to learn math can create a virtual image (anzan) of the abacus to perform mental calculations. Anzan can be likened to a virtual reality game, only this game creates synapses in the brain and promotes a healthy, bilateral brain. It would be a misfortune not to give a child the opportunity to avail himself of the incredible math skills he was born with by not giving him Abacus Mental Math training.

To achieve results, you need a proven spiral curriculum and qualified instructors.

The science is all there.  The question is, where can I find a proven course that will train my child in all three aspects of Soroban training in a way that will engage my child enough to help him gain the skill and access a curriculum that is proven to show results? That is where Abacus Mental Math comes in. Our proven curriculum is designed to help your child succeed in math and achieve the results millions of children worldwide have attained.  The great challenge in our Western Hemisphere, which Abacus Mental Math has been able to solve, is to provide a proven, complete curriculum (Pre-Soroban levels, Grades 10-1, and the following Dan-levels) to bring your child the powerful results the Eastern Hemisphere has achieved in arithmetic through the Soroban. We have incorporated the Soroban Abacus Mental Math training into a fun program that will motivate your child to learn. Let me point out, the underlying secret behind an authentic abacus program it because there is no doubt it works. With our program, your child will want to practice so that it's not just dry numbers but a fun atmosphere where he can battle with other peers, earn rewards, badges, and, best of all, achieve results.

Soroban main image

Abacus and the Science Behind it.

"Previous studies in the field of abacus-based mental calculation (AMC) training have shown that this training has the potential to enhance a wide variety of cognitive abilities"

  • The power of Anzan, mental math by imagining the abacus.
    A study published in 2012 marks the incredible journey of an abacus student who suffered a stroke and her incredible recovery with abacus math. "This is the first case report on the impairment of the mental abacus by a brain lesion and on recovery-related brain activity. We named this rare case “abacus-based acalculia.” Together with previous neuroimaging studies, the present result suggests an important role for the PMd and parietal cortex in the superior arithmetic ability of abacus users.
  • How the abacus puts it together. “...skilled abacus users perform rapid and precise mental arithmetic by manipulating a mental representation of an abacus, which is based on visual imagery.” Abacus math uses the left-hemisphere to understand the logic of arithmetic and then allows a child to use the right-hemisphere to project this image of the abacus to do the math. It takes abstract-to-concrete, to another level. The Soroban abacus had been scientifically proven to improve Visiospatial Memory and Superior Digit Memory in children. Fascinatingly so, this bolster in memory is achieved without any memorization because Abacus Mental Math creates and strengthens the synapses in the brain sharpening the brain and memory.
  • Confidence in math that transfers to confidence outside the classroom with Abacus Mental Math.
    True confidence is an assurance in one's own skills. Children don't know how to fake confidence because they are honest little people. The only way to truly help a child achieve confidence in math is when kids understand math and can easily use it in their lives. Then, confidence is born naturally because they have the skill and they are assured of it. You can tell children to believe in themselves until you are blue in the face, but if they can't do it they won't believe in themselves. Abacus transforms the confidence a child exudes in math because they get it. There is no need to tell them to believe then can do it, they already know they can.  According to research not only is abacus a powerful tool for teaching mental math, but the training induces brain activation that can be transferable beyond the mental math. Scientists, fascinated by the results of abacus training are delving deeper into understand why it works so well and the findings are undeniable that using the abacus places a child at an advantage mathematically and beyond.
  • The astonishing advantage of Soroban abacus students over traditional math students is becoming more and more apparent today. The results of soroban training are almost unbelievable.  The most exciting thing about this is all kids can learn. We all know where traditional methods will lead our the calculator, just like it did with us. We don't carry a pencil & paper with us; we use a crutch, the calculator. This becomes a serious danger to our math skills because the brain works by "use it or lose it." So, if we aren't using our pencil & paper, we will lose it by relying on a crutch. That is one thing that makes the Soroban abacus so powerful; children can bring their mental abacus anywhere they go and always use their brain. This simple training enhances their overall memory, focus, and attention skills that will enable them to succeed in other areas of learning.
  • Japanese abacus is getting word-wide notice.
    New York Times published this article highlighting the national tournament help in Japan. "Lesson of the Day: ‘The Right Answer? 8,186,699,633,530,061 (An Abacus Makes It Look Almost Easy)’ "
  • What Abacus Mental Math is not.  Abacus Mental Math is a powerful tool to teach kids math. It is empowering both to children and their parents. But, what abacus mental math is not, it is not a quick fix. Abacus is not a, "let me teach you a quick math trick and you will be incredible at math." Anything that is worth something costs something. While the results you get from abacus in contrast to what is takes to learn regular math methods leans far more towards advantageous and easier to learn than not, abacus is still a skill you need to develop with time and consistent practice. If I told you I will teach you to read in Spanish, but you never show up to class, you miss practice lessons, you don't practice pronunciation etc.. you will get the results you put in. The same goes with Abacus Mental Math, in fact, because this is the way we learn and the way our muscles (brain) naturally function, the same is true with anything we want to learn in life, including traditional methods of learning math. But, if you follow the program lesson by lesson at least 1 week at a time and stay consistent throughout the training you will achieve results in your child you didn't think possible. The reason? Abacus Mental Math works! Empower your child with our training today.

Meet a Few of the Experts

Dr. Toshio Hayashi, Ms. Kimiko Kawano and Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, are a few of experts who have done scientific research on Soroban abacus education. According to Abacus research, children can improve their cognitive abilities beyond just math. By stimulating both the left and the right sides of the brain during the training process, experts believe that abacus and image abacus (ANZAN) training is the key to optimal learning capability.

Dr Toshio.png
Dr Toshio

Dr. Toshio Hayashi Doctor of Engineering Professor, Osaka Prefecture University Director

Ms. Kimito Kawano.jpg
Ms. Kimito Kawano

Ms. Kimiko Kawano Researcher, Nippon Medical School, Center for Informatics and Sciences.

Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa.png
Ms. Shizuko

Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa Professor, Shinshu University, College of Education.