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by Abacus Mental Math

As an Abacus Mental Math student, you can access the programs listed below at discounted rates. Parents often ask our recommendation for supplemental quality courses for their children to learn and grow from. In response, we have tried and tested the following programs and have found them to be an excellent addition to the learning journey.  Several of our students are currently enrolled or have completed the programs listed and have excelled and significantly benefited from taking one or more of these outstanding programs. Abacus Mental Math does not monetize from these programs. We aim to help parents in every way we can to empower their children to become everything they were destined to be! Click an image to learn more and access your student discount!

It Can Be Done Fitness!

At It Can Be Done we specialize in training from the head down and building from the ground up with a focus on Speed training. Over the past few months I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some Abacus Mental Math students. These kids showed an unbelievable amount of focus as for paying attention to detail from form being taught to maximum effort being given. -Owner of It Can Be Done Training and Fitness.

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True Coders

Our students are looking to become developers. Period. We teach you the in-demand programming languages and tools needed to be a valued programmer. We had the privilege of teaching four students who were learning Abacus Mental Math, here at TrueCoders. It was such a great experience! I must say that these children were very well-behaved and possessed an aptitude for programming, so much so that it surprised me! While I don’t know much about the Abacus Mental Math program, if the outcome is similar to that of the students I taught, then it is an excellent program! -True Coders Instructor

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The HomeScholar

All parents are different, but there are a few things we have in common. The most common concern is we all worry about our kid's future. Will our children be ready for what comes after high school? Whether college, career, or trade school, all parents need to ensure their children are educated, mature, and ready for adulthood. Whether their kids are traditionally schooled or homeschooled, parents are ultimately responsible for the education and readiness of the adult they unleash on the world. That is where The HomeScholar can help. We have Solutions to all the challenges that parents of teens will face. For homeschooling families, we have Solution products that teach how to homeschool from middle school through graduation (High School Solution) and how to keep educational records that gain college admission and win scholarships (Total Transcript Solution and Comprehensive Record Solution). For all families, we have the solution for how to prepare their teens for the launch into college and career (College Launch Solution). If you are interested in getting affordable and trustworthy help in any of these areas, click to get money-saving coupon codes for your purchase.

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