Our Program

To TAKE AWAY  the fear of math, we DIVIDE and conquer by ADDING fun into the equation to MULTIPLY the results. Abacus Mental Math's curriculum is entertaining and easy to follow. We are compatible with all main web browsers so that you can access the course on the go. Our web-browser-based program runs on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, iPads, tablets, etc. This offers students the convenience of practicing anywhere, at any time, without the need to install any additional software on their devices.

  • Web-based
  • Easy to follow
  • Engaging for students
1. Soroban training is unique

for its ability to develop both hemispheres by using an imaginary abacus for mathematical computation. The Soroban claims exclusive rights in enabling all children to achieve speeds in math previously linked only to mathematical geniuses, while simultaneously developing both hemispheres.

2. In addition to strong mental skills,

it strengthens the brain by activating the power of both hemispheres. This enables children to use their left hemisphere (logic, sequential, rational, scientific, reading) to manipulate beads on an imaginary abacus created by the right hemisphere (creative, intuitive, writing, art, music).

3. Developing the Left and Right Hemispheres

is then amplified by using multiple pathways such as spoken numbers and flash anzan. This results in a stronger brain muscle, making it easier to learn any subject regardless of which hemisphere is responsible for its function. Examples: reading, music, science, etc.

Incentive program with Abacus Mental Math

Our reward system allows students to receive badges, rankings, coins, and diamonds making practice more fun and exciting for the student.

Easy to follow lesson plan

Abacus Mental Math follows the Japanese curriculum one lesson at a time, taking the student through concepts and providing a platform to perfect their understanding before moving on. Our user-friendly online program makes it easy for parents and teachers to guide students through their reading, listening, and anzan practice. Our lesson plan also makes room for driven students to advance through the course faster if desired, at no extra cost.

Homeschool and self-paced options

Are you a homeschool parent? Are you looking to continue your Soroban journey at your own pace? Do you live too far from our locations?  Try our self-paced option. Access the easy-to-follow lessons and use the videos and book instruction to guide you along the way.

Arena Battles

Encourage practice and build your child's confidence with our arena battles. Students can create and send bids to others students; once the challenge is accepted, the battle begins. Opponents battle each other to attain the prestigious high diamond status. Use your math skills to be the king or queen of diamonds.

Goals and statistics

Every account comes equipped with a personal goal setter. Our goal-setter teaches children to set and maintain goals to encourage leadership qualities. This builds a valuable life skill. It develops consistency in students and teaches them to stick to their plans while rewarding their effort along the way.